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We offer tailor-made perfect solutions from start to finish - from the planning stage through to installation. With our experience in manufacturing, stone sourcing and design - your home or commercial space will be one-of-a-kind!


Find the stone that fits your needs with us. We offer an assortment of high-quality stones from different shapes and colors to meet your needs. Whether you need a countertop, flooring, or other exterior material, we got you covered.


Home is where the heart is — make it something beautiful. We offer a wide selection of stones that are perfect for all your home improvement projects, from kitchens to bathrooms and even outdoor settings like patios and walkways.


Make your guests feel at home with luxurious style! The right setting can set the mood and make an event a success — let us help you create an inviting atmosphere full of ambience and warmth with our premium selection of stones.


With such a wide variety of natural stones on offer, we're sure you'll find something for your space or project. Whether it's for your kitchen, living room or outdoors. Explore our range of premium natural stones today and grab the best.

Building spaces from the inside architecture

Cutting services

When you can’t find the right size or shape, we’ll cut it for you! With our precision and decades of experience, you can be sure your project will turn out perfect.


If you can picture it we can make it. Design a custom mosaic that reflects your personality 
and taste with the materials. 

Mosaic Assembly Options

Have design? we can create. Just take a photo of your mosaic, select the shape, place your order and we’ll do the rest! If you can picture it we can make it.

Building Spaces
from the inside

Make sure you have all the services you might need at your fingertips


A huge selection of natural stones, including granite, marble, quartzite and slate is performed. we don't buy stones from other suppliers in fact we mine our stones. That's the reason that we are confident that you will get the best product always.


At this stage, the selected stones are cut into multiple shapes and sizes to provide our customers with the best surface for their desired finish. We take care of all aspects of preparation including sawing, cutting and drilling.

Quality control

Since we have years of experience in stone manufacturing, we know all about its features. Unlike other suppliers, Pluto stones are only supplied after they have been quality checked by our QA team for ultimate finish, colour and size.


To bring ultimate shiny and flawless stones, we perform multiple finishing processes, which include tumbled, honed, polished and rustic. Having years of expertise in stone, We are masters at finishing.